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Connect with KH on WeAreTeachers and win!

Throughout its history, Kendall Hunt has always been committed to helping teachers bring the best in educational content, resources, and ideas to their classrooms.  To provide even more support in those areas, this year, we’ve partnered with a great organization – WeAreTeachers. 

WeAreTeachers provides a powerful online community for teachers, combining the expertise of its member community (that’s you!), the resources and knowledge base of its partners (that’s us!), and the momentum of social media to recognize and reward innovative teaching ideas.

Becoming a member of WeAreTeachers is easy! Just go to www.weareteachers.com and click on the “Join” link at the upper right hand side of the page. Once you’re a member, you can immediately begin interacting with more than 100,000 educators who have great ideas to share. And by registering in the next ten days, you’ll also have a chance to win one of five $200 classroom grants and video cameras provided by Kendall Hunt. We’re looking for the best ideas for using technology to teach math and science, and you can find all the information about how to submit an idea here. All submissions will be posted on the WeAreTeachers Web site on November 25 and voted on by community members. You can already see some great ideas just by clicking on the link and reading some of the suggestions that have been shared by members. And even if you don’t win a grant award, you’ll gain access to hundreds of incredible ideas from resourceful educators just like you.

And to keep up with all that’s new and exciting at Kendall Hunt, you’ll also want to connect with us on WeAreTeachers so we can make sure you’re always in the loop. Just click here to reach our partner page. Login, click on the link in the lower left hand corner that says “Connect with Kendall Hunt,” and you’re all set! You can also now follow us on Facebook and Twitter – both are easily accessed from links on our WeAreTeachers page and on the Kendall Hunt Web site.  And if you like what you see on our Facebook page, please click on the “like” button to let us know you’ve paid a visit.

We believe these new social media tools, along with our blog, are a great way to share ideas, information, and knowledge, and we hope you’ll agree. So submit a grant idea and join the conversation – we want to hear from you! 

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